As he’s entering Cherry Bloom’s bedroom
He can see she’s so afraid that she can't move.
Says he’ll kiss her young blossom lips
She replied instead “I'll go call the police!"
He hates love more than he hates the law,
And laughs at her face, mocks her eyebrows
“I am no demon" he says, "and I won’t marry you"
"But let me rest in your arms and surely pet you”

Cherry’s a virgin who wants to know more,
Demon or not he's the one she'll adore
From a lily to a rose for him she'll turn and
Maybe someday for her his heart will burn
Mrs Bloom has now sent all purity away
Loves the thoughts that in her dirty mind lay
In a slow movement, he's invited bed
To take her body, and lose his head

“My mind is whirling with joy and fury
I'm lighting cigarettes to breathe beauty
Each of our kisses smells like envy
But give me once again your lips”

Both quite happy now they lay on the floor
She’s really in love he does know the odor
“Rest in me, she says, I’m a cool clearing"
"But if you want no clearing, I can be anything”
As he hears her words he can’t stand her anymore,
Makes her green eyes cry more and more and more,
Takes a porcelain pot very close at hand
And hits the pretty red head until the end

“Her blood stained my hands, my shirt, and her sheets
But I like her more that way than on her feet
Her brain now slips on the floor like a fish in my fist”

© Lyrics by Katzenjammer Kabarett