Once Eliot turned ugly in his lover's bed

One morning, it was around two or three
Night had let the moon free already
Calisté, awaken from her dreams so deep,
Enjoyed the charms of her lover asleep.

Eliot’s gift was beauty
Lest he got that if no money.

In jail he’d have finished had he been ugly
Or would have perished with no one to see
That’s how things happened

That Night, as she was staring at him
Unexpected changes occurred on his skin
Red pimples and scars on his face were crawling
Never had she seen such disgusting things
Emerald juice flew from the scars without resting
Down in the sheets that cradled their petting

Unfortunate Eliot whose fate was changing
Girls would no longer in their beds get him
Lost and heavy his steps would beat the streets
Year after year till death gives him release.

Unconsciously Calisté alarmed the house lady
Nightly frightened the old woman went up to see
Her face turned green when she then saw him
In his lover’s bed Eliot still asleep.

Last night that boy was oh, so charming!
On time had he come for Chinese tea
“Verboten” he’d said as if Hell was watching
Empty soon was one cup, then two, then three
Red filled his eyes as the cups emptied
Soon after a strange vigor took his body

But it was too late he drank too much tea
Enjoying himself his head started boiling
In his rest, asleep, his body decayed.

© Lyrics by Katzenjammer Kabarett