10 years

For 10 years he's been lying here
Not a smile, he just won't eat
In our bed he is resting
On the floor we're forced to sleep

Because he's dead you see but keeps on growing
We cut his nails almost every week
And his beard when it gets to his knees
My patience reached its peak

The smell is awful, really
My neighbors keep on asking
We could have moved him away
But I am way too lazy

For 10 years not a guest at home but him
Ungrateful he won't eat a thing
If I had told the police back then
I would now for sure be free

I haven't closed his eyelids in 10 bloody years
Would he care, he can't even breathe
His eyes get bigger and they're bulging now
Like two light bulbs lit up the room we're in

Because he's dead you see, I killed him
The dead grow older faster than the living
His bones get bigger and touch the walls now
We'll soon have to get a new home

© Lyrics by Katzenjammer Kabarett