Review by Gothtronic


This second album of Katzenjammer kabarett continues in the same style as the previous album, although a more accessible tune is found overall, a bit more pop-sound is added to the mix. The songs stories stay just as incredible and dark as they were before. This being said it is certainly an album you need to listen to more than once to appreciate the complicated mixes of instruments, lyrics and cabaret. The second song talks about a boy staying with his grandmother, where his parents forget him when they head home. The tale becomes even darker in the rest of the song. The 5 th and the 6 th track are a bit more cabaretesque compared to the other songs and are therefore less accessible, though not lesser in quality than the others. Another ear-catcher is “once eliot turned ugly in his lover’s bed”, being blessed by the gods with beauty and his ungratefulness.

The complete album is worth listening to, additionally the large collection of instruments used on the album makes it a very variable and nice to listen to piece. A very good album continuing and developing on the previous release.