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Twisted Cabaret Compilation

‘Twisted Cabaret Volume 1’s’ goal is to unite some of the most important modern artists who are using, altering or diverting the codes and rules of Weimar Cabaret. The time when burlesque, darkness and comedy appeared in Cabarets is now ended, but its legacy and influence on some modern artists is still prevalent, particularly when times are unkind to satire and auto derision.

Each in their musical style, the selected artists revive a polemic that opposes the standardization of, the mind, customs and way of life. Far from the popular comic cliché or excessive glamour, Twisted Cabaret sets out to be at the same time poetic and thoughtful. Uniting well known artists as ‘The Residents’, ‘The Legendary Pink Dots’ or ‘The Dresden Dolls’, Twisted Cabaret Vol.1 also introduces emergent artists of this genre, where the “Packaging” is as important as the content.

As well as having rich and qualitative content(s), we have also favoured an esthetical mix of old iconography, but with a modern style.

Two versions will be available: a regular digipack audio CD and a Deluxe Edition which will include the regular audio CD, plus an additional DVD of music videos and live performances of the artists presenting the other sides of their work.

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Twisted Cabaret Vol.1
Out on January 25th, 2010
Contact promo International:
Dense Promotion - Ed Benndorf : ed@dense.de
Contact Promotion France:
MRP - Dominique Marie - d.marie-2@wanadoo.fr
Contact Promotion Web:
Anne-Cécile Gros - grosannececile@yahoo.fr

Contact Label :

Distribution :
France : Rue Stendhal
UK : Blue Wrasse
Spain : Green UFO's
Belgium : Green L.F.Ant
Switzerland : Disques Office
Germany : Cargo

Artists involved :

Their style has been described as having a strange and dark humour. A Brechtian and Gypsy cabaret. They are also notorious for singing controversial songs involving bestiality, prostitution and blasphemy.

A songwriter, pianist, harpist, singer, one of the original Johnsons and also former tree climber; Baby Dee has toured extensively with Current 93 and Marc Almond.

EVELYN EVELYN (rare track)
Evelyn Evelyn are conjoined twin multi-instrumentalist songwriter sisters, quickly making their mark on the scene. The delightful and talented sisters will amaze you.

Originally inspired by dreams of British 1930s crooner Al Bowlly and the American actress Tuesday Weld. Stephen Coates composes music to create the sounds of a future as imagined in the time of the Jazz age.

THE DRESDEN DOLLS (rare track)
This mythic brechtian punk cabaret band is a duet, a fight and a love affair, between a drum kit and a piano, led by the powerful voice of Amanda Palmer and the perfect hits of Brian Viglione.

Budam can sing just as freely about love, sex and murder. You can't escape the fact that Budam is very talented at making very catchy melodies.

THE MAXI MONSTER MUSIC (exclusive track)
This poetic and destructive pseudonym hides Le Maximum Kouette, which after years of touring in all the french venues, decided to adapt its own repertoire to Cabaret and Freak Shows.

No need to introduce the most famous unknown artist of the music business! Legendary by their anonymity they are highly recognizable via their unique aesthetic and dissonance, which has became one of their trade marks.

A Japanese duet featuring Sachi on violin and Yuka on vocals, piano and accordion. These charming little devils reinvent worldwide known fairy tales with an extravagant freedom.

From Glamrock to electro-clash, from baroque to new-wave, the french quatuor plays an original post-punk cabaret led by the theatrical voice of Mary Komplikated.

VERMILLION LIES exclusive track
Vermillion Lies has charmed audiences all over the world with songs of great beauty, creativity, humour and love.

Little Annie began her career as Annie Anxiety forming Annie & The Asexuals. After working with punk bands like Crass, she spent a decade as house diva for Adrians Sherwoods label, honing her contralto vocal & urban torch style writting.

From the Dutch punk music scene, De Kift is originally inspired by litterature more than daily life.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (exclusive track)
They are the unexpected meeting between Kraftwerk, Syd Barrett and Magma. An unbelievable productivity, always touring all over the world for the pleasure of a loyal and fanatic audience.

Aranos was born in Bohemia, where since the age of 8, he has never stopped playing in folk orchetra, jazz ensemble, gypsie or rock bands. The meeting with electronic music gives to his work a polymorphous and unique sound.

When Marcella Puppini, the lead singer of the Puppini Sisters, cares for cabaret, she gives birth to a monster child of sensuality and black humour wonderfully supported by the talent of an über female orchestra.

JOEL HUBAUT & eL TiGeR CoMiCs GRouP (exclusive track)
eL TiGeR CoMiCs GRoUP is an underground band centered around a visual artist and Joel Hubaut, a global and furious performer, a transversal and unique artist.

The Muncie Brothers conceived Little White Rabbit Still Bleed Red to be the musical equivalent of painting over wallpaper. They really put the DOO back in Root-Dee-Doo.

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We decided to create a new online shop for KK items. We hope it will be faster, nicer and clearer!

You will notice new items to sell! Like new tee-shirts:

new posters:

and some brand new goodies, specially made by Barbara Viktor.

More details and pics on the new page: KK Online Shop


We recorded this summer a new track called Saylor Sandham's Sister.
It will appear on the compilation TWISTED CABARET, to be released in january 2010 by the french label VOLVOX Music.

The artists involved in this compilation are:

Tiger Lillies
Vermillion Lies
Maxi Monster Music Show
The Dresden Dolls
Evelyn Evelyn
The Real Tuesday Weld
Katzenjammer Kabarett
Marcella Puppini & The Forget-Me-Nots
The Residents
Baby Dee
De Kift
Little Annie
The Legendary Pink Dots
el TiGeR CoMiCs GRoUP & Joel Hubaut
Little White Rabbit Still Bleed Red
Kokusyoku Sumire

Stay tuned...

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Spring is coming, temperature is growing and our prices are falling! Now Tee shirts will cost only 12.00 €, buttons 1.00 € (all prices includes postage) and three packs are proposed, including 1 or 2 CDs + tee shirt + button + sticker!

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The concerts page has been updated with incoming gigs !

We created a new section to bring together Reviews, Interviews and Press stuff, please check it here. It is not really up-to-date, but we are working on it, so check it often !

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The official Retail street date is planned for tomorrow (13 / 01 / 2009)!
Please check Projekt website for more infos!

The album is now officialy available on Projekt webstore for American buyers and in the Store page of this site for European & other country buyers!

You can also get the tracks of Grand guignol & variétés and Katzenjammer Kabarett first album reissue on iTunes and most of the online music-stores.

- 23 / 12 / 2008 -

"Grand Guignol et Variétés" is album of the month in the january 2009 issue of the italian magazine Ritual. This issue contains a special report about the "Dark Cabaret" scene including an interview of KK :)

Ritual Magazine website

- 05 / 12 / 2008 -

The full-length song "Romance" can be downloaded for free during the pre-release Advance period of Grand Guignol & Variétés, on the emusic.com website!

- 23 / 11 / 2008 -

The new album
"Grand guignol & variétés"
is now finally OUT !

You can buy it in the Store page, or directly on Projekt website if you live in USA.

Promotionnal copy are still available for Press, DJ and distributors!

- 03 / 11 / 2008 -

The Debut album reissue is now available on Projekt Records and on this site in the Boutique page!

Please, also check the Projekt reissue page here.

The new album "Grand Guignol & Variétés" will be released on Projekt Records. Promotional copies are already available and limited edition digipack will be added soon the the store page!

The Store/Boutique page have been updated with a lot of new stuff: new KK stickers, tee shirts and buttons !

The song Romance from the new album has been used in a TV advertising for the french channel TPS Star (Canal Satellite) to promote the october 2008 movies. You can watch the clip in the Media Page.

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The new (and temporary) website is now online. A more complete/beautiful/blazing/amazing/wonderful (choose the right word) website is coming, but as we are very buzy/lazy, it is still not finished :)